Race Night 17.02.2014

Forza 4 – Tranny Madness

So the dust was blown off Microsoft’s 2005 masterpiece, the Xbox 360 and the faithful FM4 ‘Play Disc’ was inserted into the drive. This my friends, was the return of Lincoln Forza Racing’s fraternity to Forza 4. No need for eye-popping graphics, we’ll take the familiarity of easy online racing. Out goes the multi-million polygon cars, but in comes the endless replay and photo-taking opportunities.

So for tonight’s meetup, we have 3 of Lincoln Forza Racing’s finest – xX STATLER Xx, JDAYT Waldorf & TheUKSandman. Starting off with a little multi-class action, judging by the amount off dirt kicked up you’d be forgiven for thinking the guys had confused Forza with Colin McRae Rally. As the laps ticked off however, the familiar feeling of the cars and tracks soon made for some very close racing.

The closest action this evening was to be found in the Ford SSV Transit races, with all 3 racers taking turns in the lead.







As the action headed to Maple Valley, xX STATLER Xx & JDAYT Waldorf got perhaps a little too eager in the final turn, gliding onto the unforgiving dirt and then eating a big chunk of All American Barrier .


In non-Transit related events, xX STATLER Xx seemed to be spending a lot of time talking to the local stewards around the tracks as his car span perilously round the emergency run-off areas. Meanwhile on the tarmac, JDAYT Walforf and TheUKSandman battled over the lead. Just before the corkscrew at Laguna Seca, JDAYT Waldorf had a ‘moment’, leaving TheUKSandman to ponder which way he could sail off into the Laguna sunset (hopefully armed with a few Margaritas). He choose to go left, Waldorf decided that seemed like a great idea and decided to do the same. The last time I checked, Sandman still has the word ‘Dunlop’ embedded on his forehead:


The other notable race this evening found the 3 budding racers pitted in the same car – a Mini Club. Watch in awe as xX STATLER Xx leads the field, only for one of the local stewards to again distract him and lose control. He makes a noble recovery but Waldorf and Sandman can taste the fear (and something else which I’d rather redact here) and close in the for the kill.


All in all it was a great night of Forza action – the first in a long time, but hopefully to first of many more.



  1. I want to know when the famous Reynolds twins are going to stop talking about how good they are at racing and pay the small amount of money to Microsoft to get online and do their talking online????

    1. I’m looking forward to the “impact free” racing. The smell of burning rubber
      (or is that the burning Xbox?) will be epic.

      1. I aim to purchase an Xbox live gold membership this or the following payday to show how poorly I can tune a car but enjoyably drift one 🙂

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