Month: March 2014

t3meista’s Hot Lap Challenge w/c 26.03.2014

This week’s Hot Lap Challenge is:

Class: S

Car: Honda NSX-R (1992)

Track: Ladera Test Track Full

Game: Forza 4

Get your laps in now! 🙂


Race Night 25.03.2014 – Only for the hardcore – t3meista makes 3!

Even a lacklustre turnout from the Lincoln Racing members couldn’t dampen the action in this week’s race night.

3 is the magic number. That’s how the song goes and that’s how this evening panned out. xX Statler Xx, t3meista and TheUKSandman took to the track this week for some Forza 4 action. Despite the slightly less populated grid, there were still plenty of close races and gentlemanly overtakes to be found. After some multi-track, multi-class battles around Forza’s formidable tracks, the now even-more-popular-than-ever Tranny Trophy race was held, this week at Top Gear test track. The race started with all 3 cars side by side going into the first corner with no racer wanting to be the first to break for turn one.


A Tranny 3 way at the Top Gear track

With the inside line in his pocket, Sandman managed to dive into the turn first and from this point managed to dictate the pace despite some awkward kissing of the tyre walls.


t3meista took the silver prize with Statler bringing up the rear.

In the World Cup final of the Lincoln Racing League – the Arno Cup, the action headed to the Camino short circuit. There were slips and slides all over the place going into the first lap, and with Statler making a slower start off the 1st grid position, t3meista and TheUKSandman were 1st and 2nd after the first few bends.

The Arno Cup is intense during the 1st lap

The Arno Cup is intense during the 1st lap

Despite the best efforts of TheUKSandman and xX Statler Xx to catch and pass t3meista, it was to no avail and the meista took a well deserved win at a very difficult track. Extended highlights of the race can be found below:

Congratulations to TheUKSandman for his 2nd Tranny Trophy title and t3meista for his 3rd Arno Cup crown. We hope to see more racers to and challenge for the highly regarded silverware next week.

New “Sporting Codes” for Arno Cup & Tranny Trohpy

In light of recent discussions regarding the Arno Cup & Tranny Trophy races, the consensus is that a sporting code is required to keep the races fair.

Both races will now be bound by their respective ‘Sporting Codes’ which can be found on the menus above, but if, like me you are lazy, you can click here to view the Arno Cup sporting code, and here for the Tranny Trophy sporting code.

Any breach in the articles of the code are subject to the RTG (race tribunal group) board’s peer-judge rulings.

Race Night 11.03.2014 “Chaos JC” tastes the Tranny & Sandman nears 10 for the Arno Cup

This Tuesday night saw 6 Lincoln Racing League members pull out of the pitlane for a night of Forza 4 action.

To get a taste of burning rubber, the Lincoln Racing contingent started the night with some very intense battles along the sweeping bends of Catalunya and Mugello. No-one was prepared to give even a centimetre of track space away, as shown by the video below showing the start of the Catalunya race.

The action then turned to the Top Gear circuit whereby Stunmor5 caused carnage by setting off a chain reaction of smack, bangs and wallops from all angles:

StunMor3 Causes Chaos!

StunMor3 Causes Chaos!


The Tranny Trophy headed back to the Iberian circuit’s short layout for the weekly clash of SSV’s. With anything-goes being the order of the day, the field was tight as #3 t3meista, #84 TheUKSandman and #87 Chaos JC barged and crashed their way trading 1st place.




In the end however, it was Chaos JC who took the Tranny Trophy crown for the 1st time.


#87 Chaos JC takes the Tranny Trophy

#87 Chaos JC takes the Tranny Trophy


As the action stayed on the Iberian circuit, the Arno Cup remained in the hands of car #84 TheUKSandman, taking a swift drive ahead of #3 t3meista.


#84 TheUKSandman takes the Arno Cup

#84 TheUKSandman takes the Arno Cup


The Arno Cup is anyone’s game next week as the TheUKSandman is taking his Transit and Abarth in to the local Tanvic garage for repairs – he’ll be back however for the 25th March meet. More race night news, photos and videos will be up tomorrow and Friday.

Race Night 04.03.2014 – TheUKSandman does the double!

Veteran racer TheUKSandman takes away the Arno Cup and Tranny Trophy in one night.

A packed-out lobby turned out for 4th March’s race night, including the return of Arno Cup veteran MrRaZzT and the debut of ANGRY HULK 78 and Chaos JC. The night included some of the closest races we’ve seen and as there was a full house, there were fights going on both up and down the grid on every race. Starting out in D and C class, JDAYT Waldorf & MrRaZzT were having tense battles for the lead in their Clio’s – fast on the straights and nippy around the corners. As the action moved up the classes, the grid got closer and closer together leading to some epic pile-ups – particularly Le Mans with historical R1’s.

JDAYT Waldorf & MrRaZzT Le Mans battle


As the action turned to the big events, the Tranny Trophy lived up to the reputation of anything goes – with paint scratching, door-banging, wheel screeching action going on all over the place. Towards the front of the pack Xx STATLER Xx  and TheUKSandman took turns in gaining the upper hand, until Sandman eventually pulled out a small lead and took his maiden Tranny Trophy win.


(Video) JDAYT Waldorf’s Tranny View


As attention turned to the Arno Cup, all eyes were on t3meista and his attempt to keep his championship trophy. Starting from 4th, Meista found the mid-field very unforgiving, with clashes happening both left and right. Managing to sneak through the gaps, TheUKSandman pulled out a small lead on lap 1, starting from 2nd and remained in control to take his 8th Arno Cup victory – the first Tranny & Arno double. Meista and JDAYT Waldorf continued their heated battle for 2nd place. Extended highlights from the Arno Cup race are below:


t3meista’s first lap sandwich

Arno Cup Extended Highlights

Online Replays turned on finally in Forza 5

Turn 10 take note of community feedback and re-introduce online replay saves in Forza 5

One of the biggest gripes with online racers playing Forza 5 was the lack of the great feature used in Forza 4 whereby you could save an online race replay. Once saved, you could go back and watch any time, and make videos or take pictures. Bizarrely, this feature did not initially make the jump onto the Xbox One with Forza 5. The recent 3GB update to Forza 5 has brought this feature, along with the return of the Road Atlanta circuit, back online. If the time does come when all Lincoln Racing League members move across to Xbox One, the Race Night videos on Youtube can be full race videos rather than highlights – and may even include commentary too.

To test out the online replay feature, TheUKSandman took to the online hoppers this morning in a C class Ford Fiesta. The Prague circuit proved treacherous, and to add to proceedings, a lot of the lobby members had not taken their ‘happy pills’ and were taking people out left, right and centre. It was madness people, MADNESS! Ensure you go into 720p HD mode and full-screen to get an idea of the replay quality in Forza 5 compared to 4.