Race Night 07.04.2014 – Close up front – but t3meista takes it

This week saw a packed out lobby head out for Lincoln Racing League race night.

As last weeks non-event was swiftly brushed aside, the LRL members all joined up this past Monday for another night of Forza 4 action. This week also saw the debut of new LRL member kyrkMTG – he performed well and was not last in his 1st Arno Cup race! The evening started with some normal multi-class racing, including an R3 Supra race and a Suzuka R2 event.

The action eventually headed to the Tranny Trophy event. With a full party the event was very close up and down the field, but despite the best efforts of xX Statler Xx and TheUKSandman, they could not catch JDAYT Waldorf in the last few laps and he took his 2nd Tranny Trophy win.

In the prestigious Arno Cup event we witnessed the closest finish ever seen. As the finish line approached there were only hundreds of a second separating t3meista, JDAYT Waldorf and TheUKSandman – but it was t3meista who hung on and took the 4th Arno Cup win of his career.


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