Arno Cup Sporting Code

The Arno Cup race is a gentleman’s race, and as such is bound by the following sporting code.

1. For the Arno Cup Race, the host will create a new private party/chat at 21:00 and invite everyone on this list.

2. The lobby only holds 8 people
i) If you come on-line later and the party has spaces you can invite yourself in and play
ii) If you come on-line later and the party is full you can join the party but will only be able to chat, not play.

3. The Arno Cup has a strict car specification.
i)              Cars will be limited to STOCK Fiat 500 Abarth.
ii)             Custom paint jobs are allowed – and you must have your Lincoln Racing League number shown on your vehicle.
iii)             3-5 laps of a relatively short track (e.g. Tskuba and NOT the Nurburgring of Fuji).
iv)            The winner will have their gamer tag inscribed on the ARNO CUP and get to keep it on their desk for next week (and laud it over everyone else).

4. Disputes
The person with the grievance must save the race replay, create a video and upload it so that it can be peer-reviewed on Wednesday.

Ideally, the complainant should email and upload the footage showing the incident to the link given by the RTG steward.

5. Rules – Paint swapping IS allowed however the following rules are enforced at each race:

  • Shunts resulting in another vehicle being pushed off the track and/or forced into a spin are banned.
  • Overly aggressive trackside manner resulting in a fellow racer being forced off the track is prohibited.
  • Overly aggressive blocking or deliberate swerving to defend position is prohibited.
  • Opposing vehicles should be given at least 1 car length’s room when fighting for position at all times.

Any breach of the above can result in the final standings being changed, with the offending racer being disqualified from the race & banned for the following week’s race providing the complainant can present the evidence to the RTG (Race Tribunal Group) as per point 4 and the RTG vote in favour of the complainant.  The RTG’s decision is final.
6. Please make sure you have a working headset – makes communication, name-calling and taunting far easier.


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