Racing Incidents

New “Sporting Codes” for Arno Cup & Tranny Trohpy

In light of recent discussions regarding the Arno Cup & Tranny Trophy races, the consensus is that a sporting code is required to keep the races fair.

Both races will now be bound by their respective ‘Sporting Codes’ which can be found on the menus above, but if, like me you are lazy, you can click here to view the Arno Cup sporting code, and here for the Tranny Trophy sporting code.

Any breach in the articles of the code are subject to the RTG (race tribunal group) board’s peer-judge rulings.


Ford Transit Madness 17/02/14

It was the first night of many (hopefully) whereby the cobwebs and mildew were dusted off the faithful Xbox 360. Just like your favourite pair¬† of pants, Forza 4 was slipped on and that old familiar feeling came creeping back. After a few multi-class races,¬† JDAYT Waldorf, xX STATLER Xx & TheUKSandman rolled back the years and ran a few Ford “Tranny” Transit races. The Tranny’s don’t tend to steer with much gusto at the best of times, in fact, you’re usually blessed if they turn at all. Add to this the lethal dosage of Maple Valley’s final bend and you’re in for a world of hurt. Watch in awe as both xX STATLER Xx and JDAYT Walforf grab a little too much dirt and end up eating a mouthful of dirty barrier, leaving TheUKSandman to taste the sweet nectar of 1st.