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LRL Moves to Flickr for photos

Starting from this week, all the latest Lincoln Racing League photos will be live on our Flickr photostream.

You can access the page via our menu above, or by following this link:


Online Replays turned on finally in Forza 5

Turn 10 take note of community feedback and re-introduce online replay saves in Forza 5

One of the biggest gripes with online racers playing Forza 5 was the lack of the great feature used in Forza 4 whereby you could save an online race replay. Once saved, you could go back and watch any time, and make videos or take pictures. Bizarrely, this feature did not initially make the jump onto the Xbox One with Forza 5. The recent 3GB update to Forza 5 has brought this feature, along with the return of the Road Atlanta circuit, back online. If the time does come when all Lincoln Racing League members move across to Xbox One, the Race Night videos on Youtube can be full race videos rather than highlights – and may even include commentary too.

To test out the online replay feature, TheUKSandman took to the online hoppers this morning in a C class Ford Fiesta. The Prague circuit proved treacherous, and to add to proceedings, a lot of the lobby members had not taken their ‘happy pills’ and were taking people out left, right and centre. It was madness people, MADNESS! Ensure you go into 720p HD mode and full-screen to get an idea of the replay quality in Forza 5 compared to 4.

Site Rebranding / Downtime

We are now Lincoln Racing League – with an easier to remember address to boot –

The site has been down for the last 24 hours, this was not a planned downtime but it has allowed us to move to a new web address. We are now hosting the site at a new, easier web address –

The old address of will still work, it will just redirect you to here – please update your bookmarks though to the hassle-free new address when you get a chance. The move away from having ‘Forza’ in our title also opens up to allow us to cover all racing titles, not just Turn 10’s little baby.